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· Beach and water
 Beach activities
Water activities
· Geology and biology tour
Survey of marine-built costal line
Tour of island vegetation and forest
Explore ancient architecture and temples
· Demystify Buddism
Dharma assemblies held three times every year with huge turnout
Learn the history and religion, observe the worships and hear the Buddhism stories
Art of Guanyin Depiction
Religious Customs Activities
· Food and restaurants
Vegetarian food
Island-fresh sea food
· Shopping
Religious souvenir
Dried sea food, specialty goods

By air

Mount Putuo (Putuo Shan) airport is conveniently located on Zhujiajian island, a very short ferry ride away from Mount Putuo. Note that this local airport is also known as Zhoushan airport.
Following is a list of the routes currently served by the airport:
Shanghai, daily
Beijing, Wed., and Sat.
Xiamen, daily
Hong Kong, Thur., and Sun. (maybe charter)
Jinjiang, daily
Wuyishan, Wed. and Sat.
Schedules may vary. Please check with travel agents before making travel plans.
Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Xiamen are major air hubs. The international airports in these cities offer frequent international connections.

For air tickets please call 86-580-2027129, -2026799, -3019337 or -3019200, or contact local hotels: Xilei Villa 86-580-6091931, Xiling Hotel 86-580-6093101
By land

Most tourists arrive Port of Shenjiamen by land and then take a ferry or speed boat to Mount Putuo. Shenjiamen is the traditional gateway to Mount Putuo, and it takes as little as 15 minutes to reach Mount Putuo from Shenjiamen. Zhujiajian island is connected with Shenjiamen by a bridge. It is also convenient to reach Mount Putuo via Zhujiajian.
There are frequent tourist bus services available from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo to Shenjiamen, and these tourist buses may name their destination as Mount Putuo (Putuo Shan), although the buses actually stop at Shenjiamen near the ferry dock to Mount Putuo.
The comfortable bus rides take about 6.5 hours from Shanghai and less than 5 hours from Hangzhou. Currently the buses are ferried between mainland and Island of Zhoushan, and the above travel time includes this 45-minute ferry ride. The cost of the bus is currently about 140 Yuan ($19) per person one way from Shanghai.

Note that the coastal area near Mount Putuo is being rapidly developed, and new routes to Mount Putuo are expected to be added in near future.
By sea

Shanghai (Lucao harbor at Nanhui District) to Mount Putuo, scheduled speed boat service. Travel time is about 3 hours.
Shanghai (Port Wusong) to Mount Putuo. Regular passenger ship service. Travel time is about 12 hours.
Ningbo (Daxie harbor) to Mount Putuo. Speed boat dispatches every 30 minutes during day time. Travel time is about 1 hour.
Shenjiamen (Bansendong dock) to Mount Putuo, frequent speed boat service. Travel time is about 15 minutes.

Zhujiajian to Mount Putuo, speed boat service. Travel time is about 6 minutes. Zhujiajian island is where Mount Putuo (Putuo Shan) airport is situated. Zhujiajian is connected to Shenjiamen by a bridge.
Transportation on the island

Bus route 1: Hundred-step beach (left of Puji Temple) – Hundred-step pavilion – Zizhulin – Rusanmodi – Harbor – Haifang village – Ocean catch (Haixian) restaurant – Baotuo Hotel – West Heaven ferry dock (righc of Puji Temple)
Bus route 2: Hundred-step beach (left side of Puji Temple) – Chaoyang Pavilion – Dacheng Nunnery – Fayu Temple – Feisha basin – Baoyue Nunnery – Gufo Cave – Tramway station (Aerial tramway to Huiji Temple)
Bus route 3:  Harbor -  Rusanmodi – Zizhulin – Hundred-step pavilion – Hundred-step beach – Chaoyang Pavilion – Dacheng Nunnery – Fayu Temple – Feisha basin – Xianghui Nunnery – Fanyin Cave
The buses departure The buses departure every 10 to 15 minutes during day time. The last bus leaves tramway station at about 4:30 pm, and leaves Harbor stop at about 4:20pm. All buses stop service at about 5:10 pm. Bus fare is distance based, and normally range from 4 yuan to 10 yuan one way.

Charter vans and buses are also available on the island, and they may be ideal for the guests doing day tour of the island.

Important phone numbers
Traffic accident –86-580-6091454
Hospital – 120, or 86-580-6092344
Police – 110, or 86-580- 6092126
Fire – 119, or 86-580-6091231
Consumer complaints – 12315, or 86-580-6091001
Office of bus and van service –86-580-6092771
Transportation inquiry –86-580-6091121
Ferry to Luojia island –86-580-6093108

If dialed long distance, please prefix phone numbers with area code 0580



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