· Sightseeing
· Beach and water
 Beach activities
Water activities
· Geology and biology tour
Survey of marine-built costal line
Tour of island vegetation and forest
Explore ancient architecture and temples
· Demystify Buddism
Dharma assemblies held three times every year with huge turnout
Learn the history and religion, observe the worships and hear the Buddhism stories
Art of Guanyin Depiction
Religious Customs Activities
· Food and restaurants
Vegetarian food
Island-fresh sea food
· Shopping
Religious souvenir
Dried sea food, specialty goods

 Sand sculpture

    Using sand and water as the material, sand sculpture is an amazing art. Through the creation of the artists, these sand sculptures are undoubtedly eye catchers. Some sand sculptures are truly grand in size, which is not often seen with other types of sculptures. The sand sculptures often inspire awe and admiration of the harmony between nature and art. Mount Putuo has several natural sand beaches with an abundance of sand. During certain annual events, professional sand sculptors are invited to Mount Putuo to showcase the large scale sand sculptures. Feel free to try one yourself if you are interested!

Beach sports

    In addition to jogging and sunbathing, Hundred-step beach provides services and activities such as

sand rails, motorboats and beach volleyball.

Sand bathing

    The sand is soft and smooth on the beaches. It feels good to bury yourself under the sand and wait for the sun to heat it up the sand and pass that heat to the whole body. It is like a natural sauna except that sand bathing probably feels much better. Sand bathing is called Suna Yu in certain parts of the world.


Beach Yoga

    This may not sound exotic, but practicing Yoga on the beach in a Buddhist kingdom can prove to be quite a serene experience. This is the chance to truly melt into the nature, becoming part of the ocean, sky, sand or wind; this is also a great opportunity to revive your body and mind.……


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