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      Surrounded by the ocean, blessed by the natural scenery and seclusion, Mount Putuo has long been known as the "pure land" in China. Golden sand beaches, fascinating rocks, marine-made caves, rhythms of the waves sound and the surreal scenes come together to earn the island a reputation of that "beauty exudes, where mountains and the ocean meet; and colors shine, where sky and water melt." The beautiful isle of Mount Putuo lies only about 20 miles from the coast of East China Sea, in an area known as lotus sea. It is within close proximity of several major cities, including Shanghai and Hangzhou. A direct flight from Shanghai takes less than an hour, and the speedy passenger boats can reach Mount Putuo from Shanghai in several hours. Xiamen, a major city in southern China, is also only about an hour of flight away.Mount Putuo has distinctive four seasons, but the climate is mild and is a subtropical maritime type. The year-round average temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Annual precipitation is about 110 centimeters or 43 inches. While mother nature

has given Mount Putuo everything it needs to be an ideal hideaway for vacationers and tourists, the blessing of Buddha made the island destination extraordinaire. The Buddhist tradition started on Mount Putuo over a thousand years ago. Since then, it has established itself as one of the only four major Buddhist mountains

in China, and is renowned as the home of Guanyin Buddha. Giving the importance it holds in the Buddhist community of China and Asia at large, Mount Putuo was once pronounced as "the first in Chinese Buddhist kingdoms".


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