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Island-fresh sea food

     Zhoushan has been known as one of the three major fishing ports in China. The East China Sea surrounding Zhoushan archipelago is a world renowned fishing ground. This area produces over a thousand types of sea food. Some has named Zhoushan "Capital of seafood", and Mount Putuo is certainly the window of this seafood capital.

                             Steamed Crab                                                                 Clams in Steamed Egg
 Yellow Croaker in Green Pickled Cabbage Soup                                     Boiled Mussel

      At dusk, beach-side streets will line up with mile-long food stalls. These are known as "Dai Pai Dong", with its root from Hongkong. These stalls cook all kinds of sea food at the spot. While hardly gourmet, the food can be fresh and the simple cooking can be refreshing. With a can of beer, hearing all the noises of chopping and cooking and watching the sunset afar, one can easily linger all night at this huge seafood bar.
                     Jelly Fish in Garlic Sauce                                            Filefish with Bean Paste Sauce
                     Zhoushan Dried Fish                                                            Fish Ball in Clean Broth
      Of course, there is no lack of formal restaurants on Mount Putuo. Most hotels have very large restaurants and they offer some specialties probably are difficult to find anywhere else. If one prefer smaller eateries, many family-run restaurants are dotted through the streets.

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