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One day tour

Route A: This is a walking route. Upon arriving Mount Putuo in the morning, walk toward northwest to Meiling Peak. Tour West Heaven scenic area and then follow the steps down to the West Heaven Gate and Heart Rock, then visit Thousand-year-old Camphor. Puji Temple is then a leisure walk away. Leaving Puji Temple, walk eastward, pass Duobao Pagoda and turn south for a tour of Zizhulin Nunnery, Western Nunnery, Guanyin Tiao and Great Guanyin Statue. Walk back and reach Hundred-step Beach. After a short stop there, keep on forward and pass Jibao ridge, Fairy Well and Chaoyang Pavilion will be the next point of interest. Go further north, Thousand-step Beach is in sight. Walk through the entire length of the beach, Fayu Temple will be waiting for your visit. Coming out of Fayu Temple, it will be the time to turn back to the harbor area. Time permit, also visit Dacheng Nunnery and the museum on the way back.

Route B: Upon arrival, take taxi or bus to tramway station and head to the peak of Mount Foding immediately. Visit Huiji Temple and walk down the mountain. Tour Fayu Temple. Walk through Thousand-step Beach, visit Dacheng Nunnery and the museum, walk over Jibao ridge and then take a rest at Hundred-step Beach. After lunch, visit Puji Temple and West Heaven scenic area.

Two day tour

Route A, day 1: Upon arrival, follow Miaozhuangyan Road to Puji Temple. After visiting Puji, walk to West Heaven scenic area. Visit Zhizhulin, Guanyin Tiao and Great Guanyin Statue in the afternoon. During evening hours, Hundred-step Beach area can be attractive, and Puji Temple at night is also quite a scene.
Route A, day 2: take taxi or bus from Puji Temple to the tramway station. Take the tramway to the peak of Foding Mountain and visit Huiji Temple. Walk down the mountain and tour Fayu Temple. From there, take taxi or bus to Fanyin Cave. On the way back, stop at Yangzhi Nunnery, Dacheng Nunnery and Fahua Cave.
Route B, day1: Visit Holly Spot of Duangu upon arrival. Then visit South Heaven Gate, Gold Beach, Guanyin Tiao, Great Guanyin Statue, Zhizhulin, Reluctant-to-go Guanyin Temple. Take a rest at Hundred-step Beach. In the afternoon, take taxi or bus to tramstation and heading toward the peak of Foding Mountain. Then walk down the mountain path to Fayu Temple. Tour Thousand-step Beach and then visit Dacheng Nunnery, museum, Chaoyang Cave, Fairy Well. Tour Puji Temple during the evening.

Route B, day 2: Visit West Heaven scenic area in the morning. Visit Fanyin Cave by taxi or bus in the afternoon.

Three day tour

In addition to the two day tour, use the third day to view sunrise over the ocean on Hundred-step Beach in the early morning, and then take the ferry to Luojia island. Tour points of interest on Luojia island, such as 500-arhat pagoda, Yuantong nunnery, the lighthouse and Enlightenment Nunnery. Come back to Mount Putuo afterwards and enjoy Hundred-step Beach or shopping in the afternoon.

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